Crazy about rhythms since he was 3 years old, when he asked his mother who smartly did not let him play drums, he overcame home pressure and began playing at age 11.

At that age he began drums and percussion studies with Mestre Dinho Gonsalves until age 17.

Some years later, he took classes with Lilian Carmona, preparing to study in the USA, since he applied the methodology learned in Berklee.

He later did Faculty of Composition and Regency at Santa Marcelina College and in '91 and '92 he studied in Los Angeles for two years at PIT.


In California, he studied with big names of drums like Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Efrain Toro, Peter Erskine, and participated in countless workshops with names like Bernard Purdie, Manu Katché, and a lot more.

He played on the up and comming scene of Brazillian Jazz from LA with Otmaro Ruiz (Arturo Sandoval), Renato Neto (Chaka Khan, Prince), Afonso Celso, Rique Pantoja, Santana (bass player), among others. R & B and Pop by artists such as EW & Fire, George Benson, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, and so on.

Most striking influences in this area are undoubtedly Jeff Porcaro, Steve Ferrone, John Robinson and Steve Gadd, being often compared to them.


Back in Brazil he recorded with names like: Claudio Zoli, Zélia Duncan, Paula Lima, Seu Jorge, Luciana Mello, Max de Castro, Jair Oliveira, Simoninha, Patricia Marx, Anderson Soares, Edsel Gomes, Daniela Mercury, Xuxa, Sandy & Junior , Patricia Coelho and others.

He has played live, in addition with: Black Rio Band, Seu Jorge, Pedro Mariano, Tomati, Zérro Santos Big Band, Tumbao (with Pepe Cisneros and Felipe Lamoglia), Heartbreakers, Lancaster Blues Band, etc.


His best-known project, Grooveria, made a successful season on Tuesdays at Na Mata Café for 8 consecutive years, and on Saturdays at Bleecker Street for 7 years, as well as annual seasons at Bourbon Street where they have already traded all of these and so with Ed Motta, Marcelo D2, Alexandre Carlo (Natiruts), Rogerio Flausino, Wilson Sideral, Junior Lima, Sandra de Sá and many others.

In 2005 he released the first CD of this project with the participation of Claudio Zoli, Max Viana, Toninho Horta, Paula Lima, Rappin'Hood, Zé Ricardo, with whom he participated in the three editions of Vivo Open Air (SP and RJ).


In 2009, Grooveria's first live CD / DVD, distributed by Universal Music, reached the top 20 for seven weeks, reaching 12th place in the 5th week. The DVD features longtime Tuto partners such as Seu Jorge and Max de Castro.

In 2010, the Collective made its debut on European stages, playing for a vibrant audience of 3,000 people at the Azore Festival in the Azores (PT) and the Harlem Jazz Club, and the Brazil Day Festival in Barcelona, ​​for 9,000 people.

The sound of Grooveria caught the attention of the media in Portugal and Spain, with favorable reviews, interviews for newspapers, radio, TV shows and videos on music sites such as Myspace in Portugal.


As a drummer, Tuto Ferraz has participated in countless TV shows such as Bem Brasil (Seu Jorge, Max Castro, Patricia Coelho), Programa Livre, Altas Horas (Claudio Zoli, Max de Castro, S & J), Marcos Mion (Patricia Coelho, Zoli and Max De Castro), Jô Soares (Max de Castro, Simoninha, Patricia Coelho and Tribute to Wilson Simonal) Faustão (Max de Castro Simoninha and Sandy & Junior) and Calderao do Huck (Thalma de Freitas, Max de Castro and Sandy e Junior) Musikaos (Max de Castro) and others like Adriane Galisteu, etc.


In October of 2002 he was the official drummer of Trama on the first tour of the record company in Europe playing 22 shows in 10 countries, accompanying Simoninha, Jair Oliveira, Patricia Marx and Max de Castro, recording a special for the BBC of London in his studios.


Participated with Max de Castro in the 3rd edition of Rock'n'Rio and the Salvador Summer Festival.


During 2005 and until the middle of 2006 he was the drummer of the pair Sandy & Junior doing shows and TV programs around the world (Japan), when he decided to focus on his personal projects more intensely and thus leaving the work with the pair.


In addition to his work with Grooveria, there were two other bands Patuá Tronxo (, with whom he recorded a CD that already appears in the list of favorites of people like Chico Cesar, Seu Jorge and many others for his creativity and innovative character.


And so is Xubacca! Project that adds the power of two Hits in a "Pop-Millionaire" context, being precursor in the wave of making "Mash-Ups" making noise in the São Paulo scene playing in houses like Soulsister, Bleecker, Coppola Music and Na Mata Café.


Another project is BATUQUE-NA-PICAPE, this one with Dj Tubarão where the duo perform live remixes using pickups, "percutiondrums", laptop and groovebox, remixing live, classics and current hits. The "Batuque" has already appeared in houses like, Royal, Soul Sister and Na Mata (SP), Warung and Mar del Rosa (SC), Galeão (Camburi) etc.


Known for his engaging character, he is constantly called upon to set up musical programs for houses such as Soulsister Live by Tuto Ferraz, Upstairs Lounge of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and to regiment and rehearse besides playing for artists such as Seu Jorge at the end of the year show. recorder Trama on 11/30/05 in Via Funchal and Manifesto for the approval of the Apprentice Law Project of soccer player Raí on 11/27/05 in Vale do Anhamgabaú with the participation of Tony Garrido, Wilson Simoninha, Paula Lima, Jair Oliveira, Maria Rita, Manu Chao among many others.


Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine is Tuto Ferraz's latest "work", where the musician brings the sounds of jazz and soul to classics such as Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Gilberto Gil and Dori Caymmi, making a Cool & Groovy sound! The formation of the Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine ranges from a classic Jazz Trio (Acoustic Bass, Piano and Drums), to larger formations like quintet and sextet, adding guitar, sax and trumpet.

The difference lies in Tuto's unique ability to transform arrangements into unusual rhythmic re-readings, promoting interaction between musicians, characteristic of Jazz, without losing the strong rhythmic sense, giving a Funky, Latin and Jazzy structure in a single composition.

With this work, which began to take its first steps in 2008, in January 2014, he launched his first jazz album. There are 6 songs by Tuto played by the drummer accompanied by his companions, Pepe Cisneros in Fender Rhodes, Agenor de Lorenzi in Guitar, Josué dos Santos in Tenor and Soprano Saxophones and Sidiel Vieira in Acoustic Double Bass.

Tuto Ferraz was Vic Firth's endorsee with his Signature "Tuto Ferraz Model" drumstick as well as the Zildjian and Wuhan plates and the Premier batteries.


He wrote for two years in the magazine Bateria e Percussão receiving emails from all over Brazil for his excellent work with GrooveWorkshops and during 2014 the musical editor of the MUZK online magazine.