DJ Zarref is a heteronimo of Tuto Ferraz where the artist expresses itself inside the electronic environment, having as characteristic the experimentation of pulses and pulsating beats accompanied by melodies that gives the sensation of future nostalgia, in an avant-garde retro style.


In this work Ferraz or better Zarref is not limited to any guideline, and what keeps his unity is the fact that the artist composes, plays all the instruments, sings, records and writes the whole production, with rare exceptions, when he counts on collaboration of instrumentalists and singers in situations deemed necessary.


In the pre-release phase, the CD Lost HDs (Sundaes Bloody Sundaes) brings a series of original compositions that were lost in an HD, so they were saved in final bounces or were not compiled on this CD in the electronic environment.


In addition to his own compositions he also has a series of remixes that he calls ReGroove, where he adds acoustic and / or electronic beats to world music classics, such as that made with Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones, being downloaded by DJs from all over the world!


In the Zarref Remasters series, it remasters funk classics by putting them in the same punch, compression and equalization pattern as the most modern songs, but without "flattening" and distorting the sound.



DJ Zarref

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