For 12 years the name of Tuto Ferraz was associated with Grooveria, a São Paulo band appreciated for its dance versions of MPB classics, shown in clubs and stages of several Brazilian capitals. Now the versatile drummer, producer and band leader reveals another aspect of his musical personality: seven unpublished compositions attesting to his affinity for more acoustic jazz.

"I have several musical sides, but I'm very critical of myself," he admits, explaining that he has not recorded a record like this before because of excessive self-criticism. "I also like melodies and playing slower tempos. So I would love to see this jazz project become my main course in the next few years, "says the drummer, who had the first contacts with this musical genre as a child, stimulated by his father's variety of discos.

In this album, in addition to the participation of the pianist Pepe Cisneros (his partner since the 1990s, when they played in the band Tumbao), Tuto has with him talented new generation instrumentalists: guitarist Agenor de Lorenzi, saxophonist Josué dos Santos and the bassists Sidiel Vieira and Zeli Silva. The seven tracks were recorded "live," with no editing tricks, in the leader's own studio, "with one-quarter and three recording rooms." More or less how great jazz records were made in the past.

For these and others, when listening to "À Deriva", the delicate jazz waltz that names this album, or "Saudades", an emotional ballad slightly tinged with samba, do not be surprised if you feel transported to a studio of some classic label of jazz, such as the Blue Note or the Prestige, where musicians such as Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Wayne Shorter, Dave Brubeck or Oscar Peterson - influences that marked the jazz formation of Funky Jazz Machine.

"I've always liked older jazz. For me, the cream of the cream of jazz is that of the late 50's, early 60's, "says Tuto, who mixes in his composition" Big Band à la Bond "the typical swing orchestras swing, which he learned to like listening to cassette tapes of his father, with the memories of the exciting films of James Bond "007". It is no coincidence that her laid-back drumbeat, on the jazzy "T-Funky" theme, emulates the funky rhythms of New Orleans, the legendary capital of traditional jazz.

Of course, the influences of Brazilian music could not be lacking in this album. They are present in "Triple Samba", an unusual samba in ternary rhythm, or in "Chorando na Gafieira", a samba-choro of those who stick in the ear. This is, in fact, a characteristic of Tuto's compositions: his melodies are simple and chanting, like those of the classical standards of the American's songs that are part of the jazz repertoires.

Enthusiastic about his compositions, which triggered the new phase of his career, Tuto reveals that production has not stopped. "Next year has another record," he announces. From the talent he exhibits in "À Deriva", we can only hope that the next album will come out soon.



Carlos Calado, Musical Critic.

Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine

"Sofisticated Mix!"

Kiko Ferreira - Jornal Estado de Minas

Technical Sheet


Pepe Cisneros (piano, keyboard)

Agenor de Lorenzi (guitar)

Josué dos Santos (sax)

Sidiel Vieira (acoustic bass)

Zeli Silva (acoustic bass)

Tuto Ferraz (drums)

Composer, Drummer and Producer, Tuto Ferraz brings to the music scene his latest album, Funky Jazz Machine. Followed by

some of the best jazz musicians in Brazil, his compositions achieved unique sonority. Tuto has created an attractive atmosphere, with

melodies and rhythms inspired by the Jazz of the 50's and the beginning of the 60's.

Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine - 2013